Getting the correct replacement whirlpool bath pump?

Whirlpool pumps comprise two major parts, the electrical motor and the wet end or pump which is bolted onto the shaft of the motor. Some whirlpool bath pump manufacturers only make the wet end or pump and buy in the electrical motor to suit. Others such as manufacture the whole unit, motor and pump – and of course there are others who manufacture all their wetends, some of their motors and buy in some of their motors. Confusion can sometimes arise when looking for a pump by the name on the motor. Italy and Spain are renown for the manufacture a wide range of motors, a lot of which are used by smaller pump manufacturers to make whirlpool pumps.

Whirlpool bath pumps are generally available with two thread types: replacement whirlpool bath pumps with metric thread and replacement whirlpool bath pumps with imperial thread. Before purchasing a whirlpool pump, check that the thread of the new pump matches the thread of your existing pump – as a general guide though the Outside Diameter, including thread, of an imperial whirlpool bath pump is 62mm and a metric whirlpool bath pump will have an Outside Diameter, including thread, of 65mm.

Whirlpool Express specialises in spare parts for whirlpool baths and includes a large range of whirlpool bath pumps. to make selecting the right pump easier, whirlpool express has introduced 360 degree images on a lot of their replacement whirlpool bath pumps which makes selecting the correct whirlpool pump much easier.

Click here to view a 360 degree spin image of a popular replacement whirlpool bath pump with imperial thread connection. You will notice on this spin that the cable comes out of the pump at the back of the terminal box – this is a good feature on a replacement pump as it means the cable will not be obstructed by the wall or the bath. Next to the cable is the Pneumatic Switch by which the pump is remotely switched on and off by a puff of air from a pneumatic On/Off button (bellows) mounted on the rim of the bath. If your whirlpool system has an electronic touchpad control, you will not need the Pneumatic airswitch and it can be simply left switched permanently to the “on” position – in the event that an electronics whirlpool control box ever fail in the future, the system could be downgraded to work with pneumatic switch by purchasing a whirlpool bath pneumatic on/off button.

Finally it is always worth checking the power of the pump using the pump manufacturers specification plate. There are usually two power “P” values given. P! relates to the input power and P@ relates to the power which is output. This is usually expressed in either Horsepower(HP) or kilowatts(KW). Some vendors will just advertise the highest value, always check whether this figure compares with the P1 specification on your pump. It is okay to go up a bit in power, but going down could result in disappointment. If in doubt speak to an expert.