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Pegasus whirlpool launch Neptune Gelpad control for 2015

Pegasus whirlpool baths launch a slimline Gelpad control system for the latest generation of Neptune whirlpool baths. Neptune “Italian Wellness” Whirlpool systems are now available on the complete range of Pegasus whirlpool baths.

pegasus neptune whirlpool bath gelpad control
Pegasus Neptune gelpad control with Chromotherapy light and Wellness whirlpool bath.

As a tribute to our Italian manufacturing facility, we have branded our new Neptune controls with “Italian Wellness” – we don’t have to worry about consistent quality and neither do our customers. And, to confirm that our electronics are made in Italy, we have now it on the control pad!

The Neptune whirlpool system has been prominent in the range of Pegasus whirlpool baths since 1993 and over the years has seen many changes and improvements. This year’s launch of the new “Gel-pad” touch control sees chromotherapy lighting incorporated as standard. The latest “Gel” technology introduced this year has reduced the thickness of the control to a superslim 2 millimetres!

The overall size of the control is only 120mm by 12mm by 2mm enabling it to be easily and conveniently mounted on the lip of most baths. Mounting whirlpool controls forward of the bather has always been a priority when designing Pegasus whirlpool systems. Many competitors whirlpool baths have controls on the corners behind the bather who then have to twist around awkwardly in the bath to operate the system. Where the bath is being mounted under a plinth or marble surround, the Neptune Gelpad control can also be mounted into the wall adjacent to the bath.

Neptune whirlpool systems incorporate a pump and Turbo blower enabling standard and turbo whirlpool. For baths fitted with both the whirlpool and spa option, the massage options available are increased to five: Whirlpool, Spa, Whirlpool & Spa, Turbo Whirlpool and Hydro-pool(Turbo whirlpool and Spa). Turbo whirlpool and spa has proved a very popular option amongst lady bathers as it increases buoyancy and induces a feeling of wellbeing.

Neptune whirlpool baths now have Chromotherapy lighting as standard. Pegasus whirlpool have invested a great deal of research into Chromotherapy lighting resulting in a system which generates a White light followed by ten colours WHITE, LIGHT BLUE, BLUE, PURPLE, MAGENTA, RED, PINK, ORANGE, YELLOW, APPLE GREEN, GREEN and five light programs: ENERGY, TONIC, RELAX, SUN, DREAM. The Neptune Wellness whirlpool bath is supplied with a single 9 Led RGB light as standard and can be upgraded by adding up to three more lights. Led Chromotherapy has proved to be

Pegasus whirlpool Bath electronics have been made in Italy since 2002. Our Italian electronics facility consistently produce high quality control systems using high quality components thus ensuring longevity whilst conforming with all European legislation. Additionally, research and development by the company ensures that the latest technology is always being considered for incorporation into our systems.

Many of our competitors use electronics manufactured in China with expensive consequences for consumers when they fail, as they inevitably do – The whirlpool bath spares department get several calls a week seeking parts for orphaned Chinese systems!

Pegasus whirlpool baths fitted with the Neptune Control system can also be fitted with our slender flush-jets and flush-spa. All baths can be manufactured to order and delivered to our customers within 14-21 days from time of order. Bespoke positioning of pump, jets and controls is an option on all Pegasus whirlpool baths including our range of japanese style deep soaking baths.

Slender flush-jet pattern JL01 from above by Pegasus Whirlpool Baths
Slender flush-jet pattern JL01 from above by Pegasus Whirlpool Baths

slender flushjet pattern JL07 viewed from above by pegasus whirlpool
slender flushjet pattern JL07 viewed from above by pegasus whirlpool
slender flushjet pattern JL01 in pegasus whirlpool bath
slender flushjet pattern JL01 in pegasus whirlpool bath
Slender Flush-jet pattern JL07 from Pegasus whirlpool baths
Slender Flush-jet pattern JL07 from Pegasus whirlpool baths

Deep soaking baths for your bathroom updated

The Pegasus range of deep soaking Japanese style whirlpool baths have been updated to the latest 4th generation pipework. As with all other Pegasus whirlpool baths, the pipework and pump are contained within the confines of the bath.  There are currently eight baths in the range with a variety of widths and depths:
Widths: 690mm & 740mm Wide (Minorca = 760mm)
Depths: 530mm, 580mm, 660mm, 740mm & 810mm deep
Lengths: 940mm, 1200mm, 1320mm & 1370mm
All our deep soaking baths are manufactured in the UK, dimensions refer to the bath tub and can vary slightly due to the manufacturing process. Allowance should always be made for the legs and waste which will add to the overall height of the bath.

These excellent deep soaking baths have been installed in lots of bathrooms in lots of different ways and have proved very popular where a shower is required during the week, but bathing is still enjoyed at the weekend. The baths can be sunken, partially sunken or have some form of step to aid access into the bath. We have seen tiny bathrooms in London flats where the WC is used as a step!

Installation can take many forms depending on the space available.  In Flats where space is at a premium, deep soaking baths have been installed as a shower bath.  the depth of the bath does require a step to get into the bath unless it is sunken into the floor. Again ingenuity takes over and several installations have been seen where a small step is installed alongside the WC allowing the bather to easily step up and onto the bath seat.  Any one who has visited our stand at Grand Designs will undoubtedly have seen Hayley stepping into the bath from the floor – not many people have legs that long though!

Click here to see a 360 degree image of an Oronsay deep soaking whirlpool bath with 36 jets (24 Turbo charged whirlpool and 12 spa).

1DX_2563The bath above is fitted with Pegasus Flush-jets and 4th generation pipework technology.

IMG_1436-5D2Above is our Minorca Deep soaking whirlpool bath – it measures 1200L x 760W x 530D

IMG_1086-5D2Haydn putting the finishing touches to an Islay deep soaking bath on water test.  Note the natural drainage from the 4G pipework!

IMG_0026Hayley showing a customer how difficult it is to put the plug in the waste on a deep soaking Oronsay bath – the customer was convinced and opted for our Pop-up-waste! Note the steps at the side of the bath to make access into the bath easy.

IMG_2025We also make deep soaking baths with doors!  If you don’t fancy climbing over the side, why not look at one of these – Available with or without a Pegasus Whirlpool system most baths have a double drain waste to make emptying the bath quicker than normal.

IMG_2044Unlike the traditional Japanese deep soaking tubs we put a seat in our baths to make it more comfortable and easier to get up and down.  If you have difficulty getting up from our standard seat, we can provide a simple solution to make the seated position even higher!

IMG_6348A deep soaking bath and a turbo-charged whirlpool with spa (Hydro-pool) really does make the most of the water in the bath – everyone loves the effect of so much aerated water in their bath.


All the pipework and the pump fits within the confines of the bath – please remember to allow for access when designing your bathroom – we can overcome most awkward situations if we know how the bath is being installed.


This is the conventional way of determining where the jets are going to be installed.  Once this is done, then we speak to the customer and see what tweaks they require, if any.



Fitting bespoke systems requires a lot of thought – it also helps when we have a technician who is the same size as the customer.  We start with detailed images with the customer’s requirements but even so, Mike will usually have more than one conversation with the customer to make sure everything is exactly as required.

IMG_7459This is an Islay deep soaking bath with an intermediate system installed – side and back jets are pretty much where we start with deep soaking baths and generally, we tend to find a lot of our customers suffer from back pain and really benefit from the long straight back section of the bath where we can install a multitude of patterns to massage all the important areas!


What’s the difference between a Jacuzzi and a whirlpool bath?

Quite simply, there is no difference. Jacuzzi is a trademarked brand of whirlpool bath and to give them their full description, they are Jacuzzi Whirlpool baths. Because of the strength and popularity of the the brand-name, Jacuzzi has become to whirlpool baths what Hoover became to the vacuum cleaner… you probably still “hoover” the floor but are more likely to be using a Dyson or a Vax. Such was their popularity that both Jacuzzi and Hoover brands have become household names, and as such generic terms.

There are many manufacturers of whirlpool baths in the UK. Jacuzzi is probably the most dominant, followed closely by and Ideal Standard. Other brands include Bronte Whirlpools, Pegasus Whirlpool Baths and SpaSplash

Another popular misconception is that Whirlpool make whirlpool baths – Whirlpool is a white goods manufacturer specialising in household goods and do not actually make whirlpool baths.

Most bath manufacturers now offer a standard range of whirlpool systems on some of their baths, however when searching for a whirlpool bath from a particular manufacturer, do not be misled by devious web traders which claim to be selling Manufacturer’s baths with manufacturer’s whirlpool system on it when in fact they are passing off a manufacturer’s bath with a cheap self fit whirlpool system on it. A simple search for “Jacuzzi bath” will bring up a multitude of whirlpool baths, most of which are not made by Jacuzzi! If you have any doubt, refer to the particular bath manufacturer’s website and compare what they have listed.

Check the pipework on your next whirlpool bath

Pegasus Whirlpool baths are proudly showing their innovative 4th Generation total draining pipework on the front page of their website. It works on gravity – quite simply, what goes up must come down! Pumping the water up to the venturi from the base of the bath ensures that when the bath empties, all the water will drain back down to the base and out through the special draining pop up waste supplied with every Pegasus Whirlpool Bath.

To see an example of a bath fitted with this new 4th Generation pipework, Click here: & click on your mouse and drag it from left to right to make the image rotate through 360 degrees vertically and horizontally.

If you were thinking of buying a cheap whirlpool bath, be sure to ask the vendor if they are willing to show you all their pipework and guarantee that it will all drain to the very last drop… If your whirlpool bath doesn’t drain all the water after use, you will experience hygiene problems and, over the years, it will undoubtedly cost you more than you initially saved in terms of time and money spent on specialist whirlbath cleansers

BETTE Steel bath adapted to Pegasus Whirlpool Bath
Pegasus whirlpool bath rectangular Bette Steel bath

Getting the correct replacement whirlpool bath pump?

Whirlpool pumps comprise two major parts, the electrical motor and the wet end or pump which is bolted onto the shaft of the motor. Some whirlpool bath pump manufacturers only make the wet end or pump and buy in the electrical motor to suit. Others such as manufacture the whole unit, motor and pump – and of course there are others who manufacture all their wetends, some of their motors and buy in some of their motors. Confusion can sometimes arise when looking for a pump by the name on the motor. Italy and Spain are renown for the manufacture a wide range of motors, a lot of which are used by smaller pump manufacturers to make whirlpool pumps.

Whirlpool bath pumps are generally available with two thread types: replacement whirlpool bath pumps with metric thread and replacement whirlpool bath pumps with imperial thread. Before purchasing a whirlpool pump, check that the thread of the new pump matches the thread of your existing pump – as a general guide though the Outside Diameter, including thread, of an imperial whirlpool bath pump is 62mm and a metric whirlpool bath pump will have an Outside Diameter, including thread, of 65mm.

Whirlpool Express specialises in spare parts for whirlpool baths and includes a large range of whirlpool bath pumps. to make selecting the right pump easier, whirlpool express has introduced 360 degree images on a lot of their replacement whirlpool bath pumps which makes selecting the correct whirlpool pump much easier.

Click here to view a 360 degree spin image of a popular replacement whirlpool bath pump with imperial thread connection. You will notice on this spin that the cable comes out of the pump at the back of the terminal box – this is a good feature on a replacement pump as it means the cable will not be obstructed by the wall or the bath. Next to the cable is the Pneumatic Switch by which the pump is remotely switched on and off by a puff of air from a pneumatic On/Off button (bellows) mounted on the rim of the bath. If your whirlpool system has an electronic touchpad control, you will not need the Pneumatic airswitch and it can be simply left switched permanently to the “on” position – in the event that an electronics whirlpool control box ever fail in the future, the system could be downgraded to work with pneumatic switch by purchasing a whirlpool bath pneumatic on/off button.

Finally it is always worth checking the power of the pump using the pump manufacturers specification plate. There are usually two power “P” values given. P! relates to the input power and P@ relates to the power which is output. This is usually expressed in either Horsepower(HP) or kilowatts(KW). Some vendors will just advertise the highest value, always check whether this figure compares with the P1 specification on your pump. It is okay to go up a bit in power, but going down could result in disappointment. If in doubt speak to an expert.